Mediation Services

Mediation can be complex and understandably, highly emotional. We offer a safe environment in which to explore issues in a practical way.

Whilst we cannot offer legal advice when we are mediating, we can give you legal information which will help you understand the issues you face.

We offer mediation for family matters, civil, commercial and workplace disputes.

Family Mediation

Crombie Wilkinson is one of the few firms in North Yorkshire to offer a Family Mediation Service. This service is called Your Family First and helps people work out arrangements for their children and their family finances.

Our family mediators can help you with contact arrangements for your children (parents and grandparents), financial and property arrangements and mediation for other family members affected by separation or divorce.

Our family mediators are here to help you communicate and find a resolution. Visit our dedicated Family Mediation website at for more information.

Workplace Mediation

We offer Civil, Commercial and Workplace mediation services.

Disputes are a drain on both money and productive time and Court action is slow, expensive and uncertain. It is our view that Court action should be the last resort and that claims should not be issued prematurely until all other dispute resolution methods have been explained. Commercial Mediation is a more flexible, speedy and cost effective means of resolving disputes.

To find out more about our Workplace Mediation service, please click here.


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