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Trainee Solicitor journey in law at Crombie Wilkinson

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We are pleased to be able to share blogs over the coming months written by our staff, talking about their job role, working at the firm and career progression at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors.

In this blog by Emma Campbell, Trainee Solicitor at Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, she answers questions about her journey into law as a career and her role as a Trainee Solicitor. She has demonstrated how our Values (#ClientCentred, #ContinuousImprovement, #Citizenship, #CommunityFocus) are embraced by us in our day to day roles and activity.

Thank you to Emma for sharing her journey so far.

What has been your journey into law so far?

My route into Law was not through the traditional route. I studied an American Studies and History Degree at Undergraduate level. During my time at University, through the modules I undertook, I developed an interest in law and began researching into how I could get a career in the legal sector. I joined the University mentoring scheme and was partnered with a Solicitor who had also undertaken a non-Law degree at Undergraduate level. Her advice provided a really helpful insight into the legal sector.

Crombie Wilkinson have supported me at every step of my legal development.

Shortly after graduating from University, I completed two week’s work experience at the firm. This was my first involvement with the firm and during this placement I was really made to feel one of the team and worked closely with my colleagues to deliver my learning and provide an excellent service to our clients (#Citizenship).

After University, I completed the Graduate Diploma in Law (the one-year conversion course for non-LLB students) achieving a distinction. Following this, I completed a further work experience placement at Crombie Wilkinson before joining a Personal Injury firm in York as a Paralegal. I then worked part time whilst completing the Legal Practice Course.

Part way through the Legal Practice Course, I joined Crombie Wilkinson as a Paralegal, working primarily in the Family law Care department. Just over a year into my time with the firm, I then moved to the Commercial Property department, working as Paralegal and Personal Assistant to the Managing Director at Crombie Wilkinson. Working in these different areas has gifted me the opportunity into having a real insight into the different areas at Crombie Wilkinson and has really assisted me in my personal development (#ContinuousImprovement).

I returned to the Family department in September 2020, before commencing my Training Contract in February 2021.

Training Contract

Currently, I am only a few weeks into my Training Contract. It is something I have worked so hard for and strived towards for so long. Anyone who has any interest in the legal sector, knows how challenging it is to obtain a Training Contract and the day you receive the news that you have been successful, is a real pinch yourself moment.

Just a few weeks into my time in the Family department as a Trainee Solicitor and I have already noticed a difference. I am really enjoying working as a Trainee. I have been given much more responsibility and have had the opportunity to take ownership and making my own decisions from the very start which has ensured I am providing a professional, friendly and approachable service for our clients from the outset of my Training Contract (#ClientCentred). The hands-on experience Crombie Wilkinson are providing me with is invaluable and is really helping me develop as a Trainee.

What do you think may be challenging?

Training Contracts are intended to push you out of your comfort zone and assist you with your development in becoming a Solicitor. At Crombie Wilkinson, we all work together to assist others in their development and ensuring we are providing the best service possible to our clients (#Citizenship). Throughout my training, my colleagues at Crombie Wilkinson have been on hand to assist me with my learning and development and will provide a great support network throughout my Training Contract.

As we are all know, 2020 was the year so many things changed. The switch to working remotely provided a challenge to so many. At Crombie Wilkinson, the transition from working in the office to remote working was almost seamless and has resulted in us working more efficiently and has assisted us in working closer in our teams (#Citizenship). By ensuring we are focusing upon our Values during the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have continued to achieve the Crombie Wilkinson Service Pledge throughout these unprecedented times.

What are you looking forward to during your Training Contract?

I am looking forward to experiencing different areas of the legal sector, developing my knowledge further and working with different colleagues throughout the firm. At Crombie Wilkinson, we are always looking at ways we can continuously improve, and I am looking forward to furthering my own personal development alongside this (#ContinuousImprovement). I hope to return to both the Family and Commercial Property departments where I have worked previously, but I am also looking forward to developing my knowledge in other areas as I go through my Training Contract.

What are your overall aspirations?

I am really looking forward to the rest of my time as a Trainee Solicitor. In recent months, I have developed a real passion for Family law, so my current aspiration would be to develop my career within this field assisting those who need our support at very difficult times of their lives. Although, I am keeping an open mind at this early stage of my training and I am excited to see what other opportunities may be available to me during my Training Contract.

When I reach the end of my training, I am looking forward to seeing how far I have grown and achieved through the help of those at Crombie Wilkinson.


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Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors is a vibrant and growing law firm serving individual and business clients across North Yorkshire from offices in York, Selby, Malton and Pickering.

As part of the succession planning for the firm, which includes identifying leaders for the business for the future, our trainee programme and Career Progression Programme are both key components in the mix of people development.

We endeavour to take on trainees each year with a view to developing them as our solicitors of the future. Each trainee does four ‘seats’ over two years giving them time within different departments to experience differing areas of law. The trainees work through training checklists to ensure they get exposure and experience in all areas within a particular area of law in a supportive environment where they can learn and develop their skills.

They are completely supervised by Department Heads, Directors and Associate Solicitors whilst at the same time encouraged to think and form advice based on the skills and knowledge they are learning.

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