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Crombie Wilkinson can help protect your armed forces pension during a divorce. As members of the Armed Forces Covenant, our solicitors are ready to help. 

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Crombie Wilkinson can help protect your armed forces pension during a divorce in the UK. As members of the Armed Forces Covenant, our military divorce solicitors are ready to help. 

Crombie Wilkinson’s military pension divorce solicitors can legally guide those in the Armed Forces who are beginning the process of separation. Our team of divorce lawyers specialise in military divorce and will advise you on finances including your military pension and child maintenance arrangements if you work for the Army, Navy or Royal Air Force. 

With offices in York, Selby, Malton and Pickering, we have years of experience dealing with military divorces. Contact our specialist team today for more information.


Protection of Your Military Pension During Your Divorce

Long periods of separation and an extremely stressful job can take its toll on the relationships of people and their families in the armed forces. An increasing number of troops complain about troubled marriages and relationships as a result of long and numerous deployments. 

Armed forces pensions are an important aspect during a military divorce and a valuable asset for those serving in the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force as they are final salary pensions. If you’re a member of the armed forces and currently going through a divorce, you need expert advice from a solicitor with experience in military divorces.

Crombie Wilkinson can guide you through the process to advise on how to protect your armed forces pension And inform you of your army pension rights during and after divorce.

We can work with you via telephone or email to suit your circumstances and can explain to you what you will need to think about and do if you are service personnel thinking of divorce or separation with regards to family finances, military covenant, pension and maintenance arrangements or have children disputes.

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Chris Myles, Head of our Family Law team, has considerable experience on working on separation and military divorce cases. He is supported by a large team of family legal advisors whose experience includes children law, collaborative law, family finances, armed forces pensions and negotiating settlement arrangements.

Can an ex-wife or ex-husband claim my military pension years after divorce?

Yes, any former partner after a divorce could make a claim against your armed forces pension. This would have to be done by a court order.

How much they could claim depends on various factors including how long you were married and whether your former spouse had their own career and pension fund. And if they were to remarry, it would usually negate any financial claims. Talk to us about your personal circumstance for legal advice that is right for what you need.

Why Choose Our Military Divorce Solicitors?

  • Discounted rates on your legal fees with Crombie Wilkinson, learn more below

We are able to offer discounted rates for service personnel*

  • Flexible appointment times

We are able to offer you out of hours appointment times by request if necessary.

A new video (Oct 2019), funded by Forces Connect South East and produced by Hampshire County Council, is now available to watch, offering more detail on the steps you need to take to secure a school place for your child, with key dates for applications.

Our Discounts on Divorce Fees For Members of the Armed Forces

We are very pleased to offer our Discount Law Club to members of the Armed Forces.

This means that armed forces personnel can receive a 12.5% discount on legal fees with Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors (subject to the Law Club terms and conditions being met*).

How To Receive a Military Discount On Your Legal Fees?

Joining our Discount Law Club is free, when you book an appointment with us, let us know you are armed forces personnel and once we have verified your status, we will enroll you so that you can receive the discount on legal matters you instruct us on.

*We will ask for appropriate proof of employment/membership of the organisation you are part of to join you to our Law Club. Terms and conditions apply to the discounted legal services offered under the Law Club and can be found on our website.

What Is the Armed Forces Covenant?

The Armed Forces Covenant is a pledge to acknowledge that the armed forces and their families should be treated with fairness and respect. To learn more about the Armed Forces Covenant and what that pledge involves, please click here. 

We signed the Armed Forces Covenant which demonstrates our support for the Armed Forces Community. By sending in our pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant we are fully registered and recognised as a business that promises to demonstrate our commitment to the Armed Forces Community and their families, not just on Armed Forces Day but all year round.

We also work with the City of York Council to support our Armed Forces community and are part of the York Armed Forces Covenant Delivery Group which provides support, information and brings together networks of organisations who can help armed forces personnel in many ways from employment advice, business support, housing, finances, health etc.

Learn More About The Armed Forces Covenant

The Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Family Team

Our team of family and children specialists have a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with your problems. The appropriate adviser will be allocated to you to ensure the best family law advice is obtained.

Our experience is recognised by membership of several organisations including the Law Society Children Panel, Law Society Family Panels and Resolution.  

To speak to one of our family lawyers you can make a general enquiry using the 'How can we help you?' form on the right hand side, or contact the team at the office closest to you.

*subject to terms and conditions, please ask a member of our family law team.


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