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Choosing a specialist firefighter or police divorce solicitor can help you to manage your public sector pension during this difficult time. 

When the nature of your profession can cause tremendous strain and stress for you, your spouse or partner and the family and people around you, personal relationships can suffer.

As professionals, we understand the police force and firefighters experience unique pressures. From shift rotations to the physical dangers exposed to by the nature of the job, as well as the need to control emotions. These can have a detrimental impact on relationships.

We also understand the desire to protect your police or firefighter pension during a divorce or separation. That’s why our expertise knowledge means we can help you resolve your divorce and protect your pension. Contact Crombie Wilkinson for blue light solicitors that can protect your pension when you need to get divorced.

Seeking advice from a divorce lawyer with expertise with firefighters and police pension divorce will help you formalise the outcome and ensure that the split is as fair to all sides as possible.

Chris Myles, Head of our Family Law team, has considerable experience on working on separation and divorce cases. He is supported by a large team of family legal advisors and divorce solicitors whose experience includes children law, collaborative law, family finances, pensions and negotiating settlement arrangements.

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What happens to firefighter and police pensions during divorce?

A family court will try and arrange it so that financially, both parties in the divorce are provided for and a fair outcome regards finances is achieved.  Part of this is the complex matter of firefighter and police pensions, and how they will be split or shared.

As part of your divorce settlement, you might agree to share your firefighter or police pension, or provide your former spouse with a percentage of the pension’s value.  Talk to us to discuss your personal circumstances.

Crombie Wilkinson Specialise in Divorces for The Emergency Services

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Our team of legal specialists have a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with your problems. The appropriate adviser will be allocated to you to ensure the best family law advice is obtained.

Our experience is recognised by membership of several organisations including the Law Society Children Panel, Law Society Family Panels and Resolution.  

To speak to one of our family lawyers you can make a general enquiry using the 'How can we help you?' form on the right hand side, or contact the team at the office closest to you.

*subject to terms and conditions, please ask a member of our family law team.


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