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We can prepare a Living Will for you and explain its full nature and effect. A living Will is often referred to as an 'advanced decision' or 'advance directive.'

What is a Living Will?

A Living Will (aka, an Advanced Decision to Refuse Treatment) is a legal document which enables a person to express wishes about future medical treatment and is designed to take effect when the person is unable to communicate these wishes. If you’re worried about having no control over the type of medical treatment you receive in the future, then you may want to make a Living Will.

Our solicitors can help you make a Living Will to provide peace of mind and reassurances for your future. Call us today or fill out our contact form for expert legal advice on Living Wills.

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How To Make a Living Will?

Living Wills can be signed when in good health or when faced with a serious diagnosis and they can allay the fears which many people have of being over treated when there is little chance of recovery.

We can prepare a Living Will for you and explain its full nature and effect. Once the Living Will has been completed, we can provide copies of it for your family and doctor so that they are fully aware of your wishes.

Are Living Wills Legally Binding?

Yes, an advanced decision is legally binding and has to be honoured by those providing your medical care.


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